Sunday, February 1, 2009

January 2009

A Little Update:
Here are a bunch of pictures in January...My boys are all growing up so fast I can't stand it!
Chase is learning so much at school and is starting to get ready for Kindergarten in the fall. He spends as much time as possible with friends, but if he can't do that he plays on or loves to watch movies. He has several stuffed pet animals: Egward, Lenny, Bones, and Max and takes very good care of them. He names them himself and usually takes one with us wherever we go. His favorite foods are Nutella sandwiches and pancakes! But he always reminds me he "hates to eat" I love his confidence and curiosity which has me answering a lot of difficult questions. He doesn't like to be teased (Boy was he born into the wrong family) and is such a good big brother.
Asher is a little nut! He is into everything! He loves to dance and is particularly fond of our "seseme street learning letters" video he calls it "Dee dee dee dee" (Maybe that's ABCD???) He is bored out of his mind is Chase is gone and has gone from being "mr independent I don't need to mom" to "If anybody besides mom or dad looks at me I'm going to hide" in just a couple of weeks! He thinks if he can't see you, you can't see him and spends a lot of time averting his eyes from people who are trying to get his attention. Asher is learning a lot of things he's communicating with words and actions. If we can't find something there's a good chance its in the bathtub, toilet, garbage or any drawers he can find. Yesterday I found a pan lid in the bathroom drawer...what a kid!
Toben is getting big too fast and I'm doing everything I can to prevent it. I have just BARELY started him on rice cereal and veggies (he's working on it) and am hoping rolling over isn't any time soon. I just want him to stay a baby. He doesn't cry much and doesn't laugh much, but he smiles all the time! He's a great baby except that he doesn't sleep or nap. I guess at least he's happy?!
Ammon and I are just staying busy with his job and the kids. Our house should be done in about April. I need to get some pictures of it up so you can see. We're all doing really great!


Jacob & Emily said...

I have to agree with Chase - "those were cool pictures"! You boys are getting SO big! Move over world, here come the Arave boys! When chase was Toben's age he looked like Ammon. Right? Toben looks more like a Wursten, I think. I would love to see pictures of your house too! AND if my phone works right I will call you!

Melissa Anderson said...

Those are cute boys! I miss you guys. We need to plan a weekend and get together. It was fun reading the update on the boys! London loved the pictures!