Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chase the Academic...

I was on the computer and thought I'd better write this one down before I forget! Chase's new favorite movie is a documentary on dinosaurs specifically Allosaurus'. He is watching it as we speak. So funny! I think its boring, but, Chase is very interested in learning every fact about bugs and dinosaurs, so it works well for him!

A little more news: Asher "jumped" (okay, let me drop him) off the diving board at mommy and me swim class today! My little boy who is terrified of butterflies, flies, and any step bigger than one inch is a little fish! He hates it when the teacher talks to him and throws a HUGE embarassing fit every time she does, but is enjoying the time in the water with mommy. Toben scooted about 2 inches the other day, so we are hoping to see him push up to crawl (maybe hopefully) soon! Well, I have to go, the Allosaurus is preying on an innocent stegosaurus and Chase has some questions about it...LOL!