Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chases Jam

Chase loved the M&M Factory in Las Vegas. Here he his doing a dance while we wait for the 3-D movie. My favorite part was when I asked him where he was (wanting "the M&M factory") and he says..."Right Here!"

What did we do in March?

We had a pretty busy month as you can see. Some of the highlights (in some cases lowlights) included:
-Asher with pneumonia,RSV, and an ear infection
-Camping at Whitney Pockets
-Trip to Las Vegas (M&M Factory, Coke Factory, and Doctor for mom and baby)
-Asher with the Chicken Pox (Poor baby, I think they were almost worse than RSV)
-Easter Morning and rolling easter eggs!

Who is helping who?

While we were rolling Easter eggs, Chase slid down the hill. Aunt Krystal decided to try to go down and help him up...maybe not the best idea!