Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Next Tiger Woods

Chase in the backyard golfing with his buddies. They have been practicing almost every day. We're hoping to take them to the real golf course soon. Look at that backswing. Chase actually gets some pretty good hits in.

Chase the Rocker

Grandma bought Chase a guitar one day when they were together. Imagine my surprise when he turned on the microphone and said, "Here's my question...are you ready to rock and roll?" I can honestly say I have no idea where he got that. The rest of the night was filled with much "music." As I put him to bed he said, "I love rock and roll." We also got a good laugh out of that one.

Chase at the Youth Rodeo

I took Chase to the Youth Rodeo last night. We had a great time as you can tell. Chase wanted to do the egg toss like everyone else. He had to wear overalls so he could be like "Old McDonald at the farm and make things grow...." He had to be really brave to sit by this little goat. The handler helped me get this picture.

Chase the photographer

Chase is quite the little photographer. As you can tell, he will not shoot until he is quite satisfied you have a good enough smile. Here's Aunt Krystal, Mom, and Dad...say 'Cheese!'

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Our House

Most of you know we have been building our house for what seems like forever! Here we are actually moved in and lovin' it.

Why we blog

We chose to open a blog account to help us in our hope to adopt.We have been blessed by adoption and are happy to share our growing family