Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three Months Later...

Hello! It's only been three months since I have updated my blog and I'm sure nobody looks at it anymore, but that's how life goes. We moved into our new house and are LOVING it! Summer is here and actually did finally come to Ephraim. (I had my concerns when it snowed in May.) Everyone is doing pretty well- Here are updates!

Chase is enjoying his summer and the freedom of riding his "big rocket bike" without training wheels. He just turned six this week and tells everyone that we run into how old he is now. I don't go a day without laughing at his observations and comments about the world. He has made friends with all the kids that are building houses in our neighborhood and has taken it upon himself to teach all of them to ride their bikes without training wheels...(YIKES!) My sister Heidi is staying with us this summer and we are all enjoying her. Chase is excited because since she sleeps here, he gets a "sleepover for a loooong time!"

Asher turns two next month and the tantrums are already unbearable! He is such a strong-willed little guy! We love watching all the things he's learning. He only has a few words under his belt and is startint speech soon, so we are hoping that will help all of us communicate! He is surprisingly an excellent big brother. Always so concerned about Toben. If the baby is crying he goes and finds him and pats his leg saying "shh shh" until I come in. He gives Toben lots of toys, food, pats on the head, and really likes to be around him. Did I mention he is Chase's best audience? Nobody thinks that Chase is as funny as Asher. I'm amazed that even with a four-year gap, those two can play and, unfortunately fight. I have learned you don't have to talk to tease, irritate, and play with older brothers! He is so smart and understands everything I say. His favorite word is truck "Guck" and anything that moves on wheels goes by that title! He is getting SO tall and handsome.

Toben will turn 1 in August. He is such a fun and smiley baby! He loves attention from anyone and everyone! At the grocery store he gets lots of laughs and smiles when people say hi to him and he waves at them. He is a really social baby and cannot be away from mommy. We found out about a month ago that he has a minor "sensory defensive disorder" which is making it really hard for him to learn to crawl or even put any weight on this legs at all. He is doing a little better all the time, and the physical therapist is confident that even if it takes a little longer, he'll be moving around on his own. Since he's pretty immobile, it's really great that he has older brothers running around to entertain him!

We are having a good summer and enjoying as many small vacations- mostly camping- as we can before Chase starts kindergarten in the fall. Ammon is in his element with house improvements and putting in our yard. He is working for the college but up on the mountain this summer at the Great Basin Environmental Education Center and is really enjoying working outdoors. He is, as always, on the run at all times and completely exhausting me!