Thursday, March 12, 2009

Funny Ash

Asher is such a funny little guy. I was blowing an empty water bottle at him and he thought it was the most hysterical thing he had ever seen! He has been keeping me busy by locking himself in the bathroom by opening the drawers in front of the door so I couldn't open it and even pooping in the tub and then screaming in horror "Kah Kah!!!" He loves to be outside and is always saying Bye Bye to get someone to take him out the door with them. He's a fun little brother-he's Chase's best audience! He thinks everything he does is so funny. He's also a good big brother. Always bringing me Toben's binky and saying "DAY DEE" (Baby) When Toben cries in his port-crib, Asher goes and throws clothing items in there and then comes to get me immediatly to get poor baby. Funny boy.